Faktor N

Germany has to become sustainable – environmentally, economically and socially. Politics and economy create the necessary changes to not act alone. Society as a whole should support the changes. A culture of sustainability can only be developed when people are allowed to play a decisive role in the center. What is essential is not theoretical knowledge, but the everyday environment in which the individual lives, acts, moves and makes decisions.

Faktor N – Scenarios for a Culture of Sustainability

stiftung neue verantwortung | Associate 2011-2012

The project »Faktor N« searches for new forms of expression and drivers of sustainability between architecture, urban planning and design. At this intersection, green technologies, the social dimension of urban spaces and cultural patterns meet. The project aims to answer the following questions: How does sustainability look in future society? How do culture and values transform? And what does this mean for the state, economy and society? The results are relevant to a variety of stakeholders.


Scenario planning In the first step, 30 experts from different disciplines and sectors were interviewed, including politicians, urban planners, architects, designers, artists and representatives of civil society organizations, in order to obtain a broad and complex picture of the challenges and opportunities of urban spaces. In the second step, we distilled the key factors that will influence positive individual, sustainable behavior now and in the future.

Based on the factors identified, three scenarios were developed. Through evaluating and analyzing them, we derived recommendations and a contribution for a culture of sustainability. These were presented to the public in Berlin.

Together with cityförster and raumtaktik, we developed a narrative of future worlds in the Live Scenario Workshop at the URBAN FUTURES 2050 Conference of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which you can read here:

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