Originally trained as a communication and process designer, Andrea has been active in the development of human-centered future visions for business, social design and design education for more than ten years. Exploring and interpreting the impact of a human-centered approach on society and business is her focus. Design thinking, ideation for innovative concepts, future scenario workshops & communication strategies are part of her daily work. In 2014 she co-founded design:transfer, an initiative focusing on the transfer between design research and practice to foster the dialogue around their exchange.

Andrea has been publishing and presenting her work at various international conferences and networks. In 2015 she was appointed to the Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome. Next to her position as a Ph.D Candidate within the Digitalization and Innovation Center at Volkswagen Group, she enjoys to share her professional work experience in part time teaching & coaching.

Her Ph.D project is concerned with design thinking and organizational development. Moreover, she wants to understand how tasks and requirements for innovation experts in times of design thinking, digital transformation and agile organizations are taken up in the current organizational development. It asks for the potential of the interdependencies of design activities, innovation teams and organizational structures to spark the innovation culture in large corporations and is going to be completed in 2018, supervised by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf (BUW Wuppertal) and Sabine Junginger, PhD (HSLU).

Understanding design as a verb, not as a noun.

Prior to her position, she led a third party funded project at the University of Applied Science Schwäbisch Gmünd, and served as a member of the institute for applied research. There, she researched design methods, and research-based learning as well as design thinking in the context of design. She also ran the expert guest talk program for its students. Before joining HfG, Andrea worked as a design strategist at the corporate foresight department at Volkswagen Group focusing on visual facilitation, scenario processes, and future mobility concepts.

The ability to shift from reacting against the past to leaning into and presencing an emerging future is probably the single most important leadership capacity today.― C. Otto Scharmer

Furthermore she has been a regular lecturer for design studies at several universities in Germany and abroad like TU Munich (2013), Muenster University of Applied Sciences (2013-2016), University of Stuttgart (2014-2015), Schwäbisch Gmuend University of Applied Sciences (2013-2014), Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (2013-2015), Nazarene University Nairobi (2015) University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim (2016), Bern University of Applied Sciences (2017), University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management (2017), Ruhr-University Bochum | IAW Institute of Work Organization and Work Structuring (2017-2018) and the Bejing Normal University Zhuhai, China (2018). .