double action at DRS2016 & PhD By Design

At the end of June more than 600 design researchers from all over coming together to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Design Research Society in Brighton, UK – among them Daniela Peukert, Jana Thierfelder, Vera-Karina Gebhardt and myself! The programme is very promising: paper presentations, conversation talks and workshops on diverse topics in, around and about design research. Our workshop putting forward the question: «How might we strengthen the connecting and synthesizing role of design researchers within transdisciplinary teams

The workshop will be based on an initial study kicked off by design:transfer, an initiative which focuses on issues of design research in transformational processes in science, business, politics and society investigating the different roles and competences of design researchers, while focussing on the personal role the participants currently fulfil. The interim report provided insights into the implicit links between competences, methods and team formation. It resulted in ambitious, yet critical discussions – and showed , that there is an urgent need to keep this discussion running. The session will be both, an active reflection on competencies of design researchers, and an interactive production of new ideas and knowledge about their linking (personal) roles and tasks within teams. The workshop will focus on the present, and on how a design researcher is already embedded within a team and organisation. These insights will support the following discussion on possible new roles and skills a design researcher will need as a part of interdisciplinary teams.

Register for the DRS Workshop till the 20th June and join us!

If you are also part of the Phd by Design Community in Brighton,we kindly invited you to join our second action workshop the day after, the 30th June.